GUINEVERE aims to create and test digital games that are designed to promote language learning, intercultural exchange and collaborative digital literacy skills among the target groups.

GUINEVERE will store the digital games in open access repositories enabling language learners, instructors and teacher trainers to use, reuse and share them during the life cyle of the project as well as in a sustainable way following its formal completion. The project will create guidelines about how to create digital games in immersive environments and how to integrate them effectively in pedagogical contexts in primary and secondary schools.

GUINEVERE will create an online community of practice around the digital games promoting their benefits in the primary and secondary sectors in a variety in EU countries and disseminate good practice via a range of academic and practitioner venues including conferences, workshops and symposia.

GUINEVERE will impact national policies in the area of language learning, intercultural communication, and digital literacy skills, raising awareness of creative and flexible forms of learning and the potential of immersive virtual environments to promote healthy, productive and creative forms of dialogical learning.
The video recordings aim to promote intercultural communication and opportunities for learners from different cultures to co-produce digital artefacts that can be shared and reused. Stimulating rich and meaningful intercultural exchanges among language learners in the EU is one consequence of the networks GUINEVERE will establish as a core principle.

GUINEVERE aims to explore the role of visual communication techniques to support language conversation in relation to new digital environments that younger learners in particular utilise to great effect outside traditional learning environments. Rather than merely focusing on the gaming experience within 3D environments, GUINEVERE examines how they support genuine opportunities for structured communication and deep learning.