You have come to the homepage of let’s talk online sprl based in Brussels, Belgium.

For about 20 years, Heike Philp, CEO of let’s talk online sprl has been developing expertise on how to teach a language live online in virtual classrooms and virtual worlds.

Philp is a great visionary who has been way ahead of time. This can be seen when during the pandemic, the know-how of ‚how to teach live online‘ has been in demand, something she developed with several universities and other project partners during the LANCELOT project 2005-2007.

These developments have been funded by the European Commission and here on this website you will find the results of all of the four EU funded projects: LANCELOT, AVALON, CAMELOT and GUINEVERE.

Again, way ahead of time, Philp started to develop teaching and learning a language in a virtual 3D environments. This development started with the AVALON project in 2009 and spanned a decade and three EU funded project with a fourth one in the making. A great amount of documents were developed by more than 20 universities to learn to teach and learn a language in virtual worlds like Second Life, OpenSim and Minecraft.

What can you do with these results? You can learn to master teaching a language in virtual worlds, you can learn to create machinima or games. You learn to explore virtual worlds for your learners and introduce them to various virtual environments where they can meet native speakers and practice their language.

Additionally, as a response to Covid, Heike Philp has started to develop a new platform for teachers who learned how to teach educational tools. This development has just begun and the launch is planned mid June.