Associate Partners


Dr Maria D. Avgerinou
She has recently joined the American Community Schools (ACS) Athens (Greece) as the Director of Educational Technology and eLearning. As a certified online educator and a former academic in American, British, and Greek universities, she has taught, published, and presented extensively on the research and practice of online and blended learning, action research, and visual literacy for education and training.

Professor Dr. Jozef Colpaert
Professor of Instructional Design and Educational Technology, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium. He teaches Instructional Design, Educational Technology and Computer Assisted Language Learning.

Dr Mari Carmen Gil Ortega
Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Award Leader of the distance MA in Language Teaching. She has wide experience in the design and evaluation of both printed and online materials for language teaching.

Professor Steve Higgins
Professor of Education at Durham University, UK. He previously taught at primary schools in the North East of England where his interest in children’s thinking and learning developed.

Laura Pikahla-Posti
Works for Tampereen Yliopisto University in Tampere, Finland, and is teaching German in Minecraft to 16-18 year old upper secondary school children.

Anita Pincas
Fellow, University College London, Institute of Education, UK.

Vin Sumner
Chief Executive Officer of Clicks and Links in Manchester, UK, a company that specialises in multimedia and virtual and augmented reality. Vin founded and is the CEO of Clicks and Links Ltd.

Professor Rupert Wegerif
Professor of Education (2000) at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom.