Myngle to partner with teacher training center LANCELOT School

Amsterdam, February 8, 2010

Myngle Training OlympicsThe world-class training center and the leading platform for live multi-language learning join forces to deliver the highest quality of live training available on the web. LANCELOT School and have agreed to begin collaboration to offer training to Myngle’s selected teachers and position the site as the best online destination for live language learning.

Since 2005, LANCELOT School has been one of the first institutions in the world to specialize in qualifying and certifying teachers in the use of virtual classroom technology. LANCELOT stands for ‘LANguage Learning with Certified Live Online Teachers’ and over a period of two years 23 partners in 8 countries joined EU funded LANCELOT. The project led to the development of the LANCELOT certificate which is basis for all of the courses which have helped language teaching professionals to work online. Heike Philp, Managing Director and co-initiator of two EU funded projects states “This training partnership is a milestone for us and the timing is excellent as we are in the process to launch the next phase of the LANCELOT online campus for language teachers who want to learn how to teach languages online. We are striving to continually improve our high quality offering of courses, workshops, resources and up-to-date information on internet-based tools and are looking forward to interacting with mynglers whose rich experience teaching more than 50 languages will provide invaluable feed-back. A great synergy on both sides”.

With the contribution of LANCELOT SchoolTM, Myngle expects to enable its teachers to bring their expertise to the next level. The experienced online teachers will discover the many nuances that will make their teaching through a virtual classroom even better than what it already is. For the new online language teacher, who has been approved to teach on Myngle because of his proven offline experience, will now have an opportunity to learn how to make full-use of the technology available at his fingertips. “Many language teachers that approach Myngle to teach online have excellent offline credential,” says Stefan Booy, Head of Education at the Amsterdam-based company, “however, without the proper training on the use of the virtual classroom and other internet tools, the technology can often become an impediment to the learning rather than an enhancement of that process. We have selected the best training available in the industry, to put our teachers and consequently our students in a position to excel.”

Myngle’s CEO, Marina Tognetti, confirms, “We truly believe that by combining the strengths of both Myngle and LANCELOT can really bring online language education to the next level.” The LANCELOT School will be able to offer Myngle’s teachers training workshops tailor-made to Myngle’s teachers needs. The school will also offer its ICC-accredited course that will prepare teachers to become LANCELOT-certified online teachers.

Myngle currently offers 1,235 language courses in 52 languages and has 284 private teachers from 104 countries. Lessons are given through Myngle’s virtual classroom where teacher and student meet online. Myngle also develops its own content called Myngle Programs, a set of original courses based on modern teaching methods and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). “We are looking forward to an extensive and long term partnership with the LANCELOT School–says Tognetti–Today is another step toward the affirmation of a segment of the language training industry that is transforming the way teaching is delivered. It’s a good day for professional teachers. It’s a good day for committed students around the world.”
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