Webinar Barbara McQueen

April 2018

Presenter: Barbara MCQueen
How to get here from there?
Date: Thursday, April 19th  2018
21:00:00 CEST UTC+2 hours

12:00:00 PDT  UTC-7 hours
19:00:00 UTC (GMT) hours
Venue: The webinar will be provided in Second Life (SL) on Babara’s sky platform on EduNation http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EduNation/191/131/1000 
For those who are unable to connect with SL the webinar will be streamed via the Guinevere Adobe Connect Channel: http://connect.uclan.ac.uk/webinarmcqueen/

Recording of the session: http://connect.uclan.ac.uk/p5iuwjsfo93/

How to get here from there?

Photo: C. Schneider on EduNation in Second Life – Barbara McQueen’s plot

Barbara McQueen is based in the USA and has decades of experience mentoring fellow teachers one-on-one, through in-services, as an ESL teacher trainer for Oxford Seminars, and as a conference presenter for TESOL EVO, and VWBPE.   She is currently developing and delivering online ESL courses at SLESL.net that make use of situational role-playing, games, mysteries, and machinimas, and has won multiple machinima awards.  For examples of her work, go to her YouTube Channel.

According to Barbara McQueen, teachers are often unnerved by how much they need to learn to best use virtual worlds as a part of their technology arsenal. So they don’t use virtual worlds or only use them in a very limited way. Barbara’s presentation will detail:

  • The most important virtual world skills to learn and fun ways to teach them
  • Simple to complex games and roleplays that deeply immerse students
  • Tasks for blogs, Moodle, Skype, machinima, social media, online conference rooms, and other educational software and devices.
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