TPACK with Machinima

Infusing Digital Literacies into World Language Teacher Education TPACK with Machinima
Date: 10 March 2018

Time: 2 pm – 2:40 pm GMT/UTC
Recording of the session

Speaker: Dr Alina Horlescu, Dublin City University Contact:

The webinar is organized by SIG Virtual worlds & Serious Games Eurocall/Calico in cooperation with the University of Lancashire on behalf of the Guinevere Project.


Studies indicate that many language teachers have a tendency to view language as an abstract linguistic system and are, therefore, hesitant to acknowledge new dimensions of literacy and that learning a language in the digital age involves new communicative competencies including the ability to construct knowledge collaboratively and create and interpret texts that combine various resources made available by digital technologies.

This presentation reports on a recently completed PhD study conducted to investigate the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) of language teachers engaged in the digital literacy practice of producing a multimodal ensemble with machinima with a view to proposing an updated TPACK model for integration of digital literacies into language teacher education. To this end, language teachers participated in a course specifically designed to train them to make machinima videos as well as prompt them to reflect on the affordances of the tool and their transformative effect on the concepts of language and literacy.

This presentation discusses the main findings of the study and introduces a reconceptualised TPACK model for integration of digital literacies into language teacher education. The model includes ecological perspectives on language and language learning and teaching and a metalanguage that would enable teachers to discuss and explain the creation of various mode relationships enabled by digital tools.

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