Webinar Laura Pihkala-Posti, University of Tampere:

July 2018

Presenter: Laura Pihkala-Posti, University of Tampere
Date: 26 July 2018
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm UK time

Recording > here

Laura Pihkala-Posti, University of Tampere:

Using Minecraft in Language Classroom for Creating Authentic  Communication Occasions Minecraft is one of the most popular informal computer games through  the history. It can also be implemented in formal classroom settings allowing a wide spectrum of learner-centredness and creativity, as well as an authentic communication context. For foreign language learning purposes, the user interface can be switched to the target language and almost every communication situation can be realized in this virtual environment. This webinar aims at presenting concrete didactic examples of using the computer game Minecraft in foreign language classrooms. The given examples cover different language skill level and age groups as well as intercultural learning settings.

Picture copyright Laura Pihkala- Posti und DaG

LAURA PIHKALA-POSTI: M.A., doctoral student. Studies in German language and culture, Scandinavian languages, Pedagogy and Interactive media at the University of Tampere. Teacher in German language, pedagogical designer, and researcher for digital interactive learning environments.  Author of a series of schoolbooks for German as a  foreign language “ Kurz und gut” courses 1-8,  Otava Publishing (1999-2008), Expert and In-Service Trainer in Foreign language  E-Learning Pedagogy. Research interests: E-learning, teaching and learning of oral media cultural changes in learning, intercultural communication, learner autonomy, agency, and collaboration, language teaching curricula, tempora contrastive in German, Swedish, and Finnish. 
More, e.g http://www.uta.fi/ltl/yhteystiedot/henkilokunta/pihkala_posti.html or

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