Our new blog ‘let’s talk online’ goes online

Finally, after nearly one and a half years of preparation, our new blog ‘let’s talk online’ goes online.

I am SOOO proud of this blog which will be our main publishing agent for publishing all of the events which we are doing. First and foremost our Virtual Round Table Conference, which has now been nominated for the ELTons.

Also other conferences and events-series which we have been involved in as organisers, namely the SLanguages 2010 conference, the UNESCO sponsored INST Cities Cultures and Knowledge Societies World Conference in Vienna and in Second Life and now upcoming the EVO Session VILLAGE 2011, a 5 week online workshop in Second Life.

So, here you find every single recording of the events we have done. What a rich resource for teachers who would like to learn and work live online.

We are looking forward to keep publishing the finest teacher development material out there.

With warm regards

Heike Philp, founder of let’s talk online (in 2003), founder and managing director of LANCELOT School GmbH, curator and conference organiser, EU funded project initiator, sim owner, community builder and passionate about language learning in real-time using state-of-the-art synchronous internet communication tools.

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