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CEO Heike Philp
1 Rue de l’Hospice Communal
1170 Brussels

Mobile Belgium +32-46-226 1377

Second Life: Gwen Gwasi
Skype ID: letstalkonline (founded 2003) (AVALON project) (co-initiator EU funded LANCELOT project) (annual web conference on language learning technologies) (annual web conference for teachers of German, March) (annual virtual conference in Second Life for language teaching and learning in virtual worlds, September) (community of language teacher in Second Life) (animated videos in 3D worlds = machinimas) (European Telecoaching Institute)

>>> LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers (LANCELOT) <<<
>>> Access to Virtual and Action Learning Live ONline (AVALON) <<<
>>> CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online language Teaching and learning  (CAMELOT) <<<