Devil Mystery Island by Chris Surridge

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Fri 6pm PDT (SL Time) / 1am GMT / 9am CST (China Standard Time)

RECORDING: (54 min*)

Chris Surridge [Christopher Flow]

This presentation gives an overview of Devil Island Mystery, a 10-mission adventure-based learning interaction that places students in the middle of the action. Devil Island Mystery combines the virtual worlds of Second Life and Open Simulator with the Moodle LMS via SLOODLE tools. This presentations will discuss the general architecture of the program, it’s goals, it’s successes and failures, as well as it’s overall results. Finally, this presentation will suggest some future directions for virtual world programs in mainstream education.

Chris Surridge [Christopher Flow] is an English language educator who has lived and worked abroad for over a decade in Japan, the Czech Republic and Korea. He is an enthusiastic supporter of technology in education. Chris Surridge is also the creator of Devil Island Mystery.

* to be able to read the text chat, click on the scroll button at the lower left of the screenshared window

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