Digital Play: Escape the Room games by Graham Stanley


Graham Stanley (@grahamstanley, @eltdigitalplay) Digital Play: Escape the Room

There is a growing interest in using computer games for language teaching and learning. An ‘Escape the Room’ game is a popular type of game in which the player has to find hidden objects, solve puzzles and use logic to escape a room which he/she is trapped in. In this presentation, I’ll be showing how this genre of online games can be used for effective language learning in different contexts (connected classroom, computer room, homework), especially with young learners
and teenagers. The session will be based on ideas from the Digital Play blog (


Graham Stanley, @grahamstanley, is a teacher of English at the British Council Young Learner Centre in Barcelona, Spain, and social media consultant. He is also co-ordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG, presents on ICT regularly at national and international conferences and blogs at and


Some of the games mentioned:

* Bonte Room :
* Samorost2:
More ideas:

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