Macbeth Tour by Barbara Sakamoto

Saturday, 16 October 2010
Fri 6pm PDT (SL Time) / 1am GMT / 9am CST (China Standard Time)
RECORDING: (39min*)

Barbara Sakamoto [Lynn Carlucci]

Join this tour of Virtual Macbeth to see an example of ways a virtual world can enhance classroom instruction by allowing us to do things we can’t do in real life. Understanding Macbeth’s mind takes on a whole new meaning in Second Life! While designed for literature students studying in their first language, there are possibilities for second language learners as well. We’ll explore the island, look at actual student assignments, and talk about ways to use this environment, and others like it, with language students. Before the tour, please visit the Virtual Macbeth wiki for an overview of the island.


Babara Hoskins Sakamoto [Lynn Carlucci] Before Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto began teaching English as a foreign language, she taught literature and writing to secondary and university students whose first language was English. She wishes Second Life had been an option in those days! She currently teaches English in Japan, and in Second Life. You can read about her experiences learning to teach in Second Life in this series of posts on her blog. [] Barbara is Lynn Carlucci in Second Life.

* to be able to read the text chat, click on the scroll button at the lower left of the screenshared window

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